Russian Life

1. Life in Russia does not differ from yours. 2. Life in Russia is diametrically opposed to yours.

Which one of these statements is true? Actually, they both are.

What do life in Russia and your life have in common? Russians cry and laugh, harbour hopes and get disappointed. They raise their children, earn money, travel around the world, make scientific discoveries and sprawl on the couch in front of TV… All in all, they are ordinary people.

Many Russians pay tribute to globalization process. We like globalization.

More precisely, we like positive sides of globalization, such as cost-of-living reduction, treatment for many diseases, improvement of the life quality and safety enhancement.

However, the most interesting thing is to find differences between life in Russia and life in other countries. Life in Russia and its people have many peculiarities. We will tell you about them.

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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