Russian Birthdays

A birthday in Russia is a very special day for every child. As they grow older the meaning of this holiday changes.

Children, Adults and Seniors Birthdays

For most children in Russia a birthday is a favorite day. Many congratulations, many presents, and a cake with candles. It is very important for children.

But not all children receive as much attention as they need. Incidents happen during birthdays too. So, some children when they grow up are not very fond of this day. Plus, for some adults this daybecomes a painful reminder that the years are passing by.

In contrast to middle-aged people, birthdays, or more precisely, anniversariesof the elderly is a reason to get a diploma or even some kind of an award, which solidifies their life long contribution to a particular cause.

How Birthdays are Celebrated

In Russia it is customary to separate work and personal life. That is why birthday celebrations are separated between a work place and a family setting. Exceptions are rare.

Where Birthdays are Celebrated

Previously, birthdays, except for special anniversaries, were often celebrated at home.

Often for a home birthday celebration friends are not specifically invited. It is believed that friends should remember your birthday and even if uninvited will come with presents.

To kindergartens, schools or to an office people usually bring some home cooked food or a cake or other sweets.

Now birthdays are often celebrated in cafes, restaurants or bars – depending on the age and preferences of a birthday person.

Superstitions Related to Birthdays

You cannot send birthday wishesin advance before the date of the birth. It is considered a bad omen. But if you’re the first who sent birthday greetings on the appropriate day (in person or by phone), this will be remembered.

The fortieth anniversary is not celebrated in Russia. It is considered a bad omen.

What to Gift to Russians on Birthdays

Of course, it is better to gift something that a birthday person might like.

If you have your own gift idea, then you can carefully ask around the friends of a birthday person whether your gift is appropriate.

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