Created years ago, these kind and cheerful songs for kids remain popular.

Since the 1970s the majority of Soviet cartoons were voiced over at an electronic music studio created in Moscow as a pilot. The most famous composers were Gennady Gladkov, Vladimir Shainsky, Alexander Zatsepin, Yevgeny Krylatov. Together with talented writers and cartoonists they created many animated films for children, songs from which have become so popular that every child in the USSR knew them, and today every child in Russia does too.

Song “Antoshka” from the Animated Anthology “Merry Go Round”

Director Leonid Nosyrev liked the song with the lyrics by Yury Entin and music by Vladimir Shainsky so much that he decided to create a whole cartoon for it. The main character, a lazy boy named Antoshka, went on to become the hero of many cartoons by the director. The song about Antoshka for the animated film was performed by the members of the Children’s Studio “Sputnik”.

“Song of the Crocodile Gena” from the Cartoon “Cheburashka”


The cartoon “Cheburashka” was a continuation of the puppet film “Crocodile Gena” directed by Roman Kachanov. The main characters of these cartoons during the Soviet era were part of popular culture. And still today the dolls, postcards and souvenirs with Cheburashka and Crocodile Gena are popular both in Russia, and, for example, in Japan. The main event of the cartoon is the birthday of Crocodile Gena, who sings a song that has become a symbol of children’s parties in Russia. Songwriters are Alexander Timofeevsky and Vladimir Shainsky.

Song “Clouds, White Horses” from the Cartoon “Tryam, Hello!”

The cartoon characters from the series “Fairytales of Sergei Kozlov,” the Hedgehog, the Bear and the Hare, singa romantic song about clouds. The Hedgehog with the Bear were picking flowers for the Hare and composing songs – this is a simple storyline of the cartoon. Music is by composer Shainsky, lyrics by Kozlov. The song is performed by Klara Rumyanova.

Song “Smile” from the Cartoon “Little Raccoon”

The cartoon is based on the fairy tale by Lilian Murr. The song that is sung by the Raccoon and the Monkey at the end of the cartoon was composed by the poet Michael Plyatskovsky and composer Shainsky.

Song “I’m Lying in the Sun” from the Cartoon “How Lion and Turtle Sang a Song”

Another Soviet cartoon based on the fairytale by Sergei Kozlov, directed by Inessa Kovalevskaya. The music for the song of the Lion and the Turtle was composed by Gennady Gladkov.

Lullaby of the White Bear from the Cartoon “Umka”

The cartoon directed by Vladimir Pekar and Vladimir Popov became very popular in Russia due to the image of a sweet white bear and the song performed by Aida Vedischeva. The music was composed by Eugene Krylatov.


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