Passenger trains “Moscow-Vladivostok” stop not at every station, and not in every city.

Travelers are most interested in those, mostly big, cities where trains make stops. We will demonstrate train stops using an example of the deluxe train “Russia”.

European Cities of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Vladimir – the ancient capital of the North-Eastern Russia. Today, thanks to its cultural heritage, Vladimir is included in the “Golden Ring of Russia.”

Nizhny Novgorod – the fifth most populous city in Russia with lots of interesting monasteries.

Ural cities of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Perm – a port city on the Kama River. In 1876, the first in the Urals and Siberia railroad passed through the city of Perm. On the banks of the Kama Reservoir there is a museum of wooden architecture Hohlovka.

Ekaterinburg – the fourth most populous Russian city, the center of the Ural life.

Siberian Cities of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Tyumen – the first Russian city founded in Siberia.

Omsk – the only city in Siberia that had the right to raise the national flag of the Russian Empire.

Novosibirsk – the largest city in Siberia that was founded in connection with the construction of a railway bridge over the river Ob during the works on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Krasnoyarsk is famous for the nature reserve “Pillars”, which is located practically within city limits.

Irkutskis one of the oldest Russian cities in Siberia. Wooden buildings in the center of the city are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Ulan-Ude–a city in the valley of the Selenga River. The city was founded in 1666 as the fortress Udinsky. Cossacks, who founded the city, were engaged in collecting taxes from the Evenks and Buryats.

Chitawas founded as Ingodinsky winter settlement in 1653. There are many stone and wooden houses there that used to belong to gold merchants of the early 20th century.

Far Eastern cities of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Birobidzhan is the center of the Jewish Autonomous Region (Russia).

Khabarovskwas founded as a military post, and today the city is a major economic center.

Vladivostok – a military port. In 1903, direct railroad connection with Moscow was opened. The city has an oceanarium.

Railway station in Vladivostok - Trans-Siberian Railway

Railway station in Vladivostok

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