The watches from the USSR times are key pieces in any collection.

Soviet watches have been an important part of everyday wardrobe of a respecting Soviet engineer, doctor, or a store manager.

Soviet Watches – on Earth and in Space

Until 1941 in the Soviet Union mainly pocket watches were produced. But any watchmaker could equip them with temples on the sides, which would hold a strap. And so a pocket watch was transformed into a wristwatch.

Before the World War II a watch was an honorable award for distinguished workers, soldiers of the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army, students with honors. To buy a watch during that time in history was not easy.

The Victory

The Victory Watch

After the war, in 1946, the First watch factory produced a model of watches under the brand name “Victory”. Their release was agreed personally upon with Joseph Stalin. It was a comfortable, practical and affordable mechanism. Winding up of the watch lasted for two days. This watch brand did not just become popular, it gained worldwide fame.

New Watch Cult

In the early 1970s “Victory” watches were replaced in popularity by the cult watch brand “Shturmanskie-Gagarin”, and then later – the legendary “Strela.” A watch of this brand was on the wristof the cosmonaut Alexei Leonov during his mission in open space.

Watch “Electronica” – an Experiment of the Soviet Watchmaking

An achievement of Soviet watchmaking became digital watch “Electronica.” They impressed Soviet people with their space chrome design, glowing screen with green graphic figures and unusual signals.

To own a watch “Electronica” was a dream of all young people in the Soviet Union. Watches of this brand remained popular until the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they are still highly valued today by people of that generation.

Many models of watches released in the Soviet Union spark a genuine interest of serious collectors.


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