Russian Superstitions about Children

A birth of a new life in the family is an amazing joy. At the same time, parents fear for their child, they want to protect it. Sometimes such desire gets strangely transformed into superstitions.

Many superstitions about children seem very unusual and strange.

You should not Praise Your Child

It is believed that if you praise your child, you can put a jinx on it.

This superstition may really surprise people who have never heard of it before. Imagine that you are playing outside with your child. You meet some friends, and one of them starts saying unpleasant things about your child. And his has the best of intentions.

You should not Show Your Baby to Strangers until a Certain Age

In this case, superstitious parents fear that someone might put a jinx on the baby, bedevil it.

There are even funnier beliefs.

Giving Tooth to a Mouse

When a child is losing milk teeth, he is told the tooth that fell out should be thrown in a corner. Then a mouse will take the old milk tooth and give a new one – the main tooth. This is an example of a game type superstition.

You shouldn’t cut Your Baby’s Hair until it is One Years Old

It is believed that if you cut your baby’s hair before he turned one, it will bring you poverty. Given the rate of hair growth in babies, executing this funny superstition presents no difficulty.

You shouldn’t Step Over a Child

It is believed that in this case the child will not grow. Interestingly, there is a similar superstition for adults as well –it is a bad omen if you walk under crossed poles or trees.

You shouldn’t Let Strangers See You Breastfeeding Your Child

It is believed that if you do that, you will run out of milk. This is an example of folk wisdom. Indeed, a woman may feel uncomfortable in the presence of strangers, which may affect her lactation.

A Red Colored Thread Protects Against the Evil Eye

Sometimes they put a red thread on a newborn’s hand, believing that it will help protect the child.

Even though on a surface these superstitions seem absurd, they comfort parents and help them in adapting to their new roles.


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