Russin Cottage Cheese Pudding

Cottage cheese pudding is a hearty, healthy dish that is a favorite of children.

Baking products mixed in different combinations is customary by many nations. British make pudding, French – au gratin, Italians – lasagna. In Russia the most popular baked dish is a cottage cheese pudding. A sweet and flavorful dish from childhood is a symbol of a wholesome snack or breakfast.

Made of … Cottage Cheese?

Only in Russia cottage cheese – an old traditional product – was used for baking. It was mixed with fine cereals, sweetened and flavored with raisins, berries and fruits. Russian cottage cheese pudding is a sweet dessert, tasty and healthful.

Cottage Cheese Pudding Recipe

The most common recipe of the pudding is presented in his book by a well- known culinary historian William Pohlebkin. Cottage cheese should be rubbed through a sieve or minced, and then you add a little butter. Then –an egg mixed with sugar, a little semolina, salt and vanilla. When the mass is thoroughly mixed, you can add raisins, dried apricots, grated apple, carrot or other additives. Then you spread the mass in a baking dish in an even layer, brush it with sour cream or an egg and bake for about half an hour. The pudding is served with a sweet berry syrup, jam or sour cream.

Versatility of Russian Pudding

Versatility of cottage cheese pudding is that it can be an every day and a festive dish, a main dish or a side dish, a nutritious high-calorie or conversely a dietary dish. It all depends on the fat content of cottage cheese, which is used for the pudding and what you add to it. Cottage cheese pudding can be savorywhen instead of the traditional sweet ingredients you add herbs or some vegetables. In short, the Russian cottage cheese pudding is a great dish for improvisation and experimentation.

In any case, the experiment will be good for your body: cottage cheese is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, is easily digested and normalizes metabolism.

Be sure to experiment – prepare a Russian cottage cheese pudding! 


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