Cowberry Water Russian Drink

This Old Russian drink today is almost completely forgotten. This drink is very tasty and aromatic.

Cowberry water was prepared and drank in the summer to quench thirstvirtually in every home. Why is it not popular today? Probably, because it would be expensive (it can only be prepared from whole ripe berries) and because it’s perishable (a prepared water drink doesn’t keep for long). Connoisseurs of healthy eating should probably take a look at this wonderful ancient drink.

Water Infused With Berries

Any water drink is water infused with berries or fruits. In Russia waters were prepared with currants, blackberries, apples, raspberries, cranberries, gooseberries, blueberries and, of course, cowberries. Berries were used only whole, without flaws, ripe but not overripe. Berries were put in glassware to a half point and covered with cold boiled water. Then the drink was left in a cool place for three days or more to infuse.

After such infusion, the drink was filtered and added a little vodka to it (about a tablespoon per liter of water) and sugar. Vodka was added in order to preservethe taste and color of the water drink. When the drink was ready, it was stored in a cool place for no more than four days.

Cowberry is a Valuable Berry

Cowberry water was a very popular drink. It was used against inflammation, as an antipyretic and diuretic. It was prescribed against sore throat and joint pain, and in overheating in the sun. It was used topically as a cooling compress.

After preparing the water, strained cowberries were re-filled with water again, because the berries still had a sufficient amount of juice in them. Cowberry water is a good thirst quencher and has a delicate flavor.

A Rare Drink

Since the water doesn’t store well, Russian housewives only made enough for a family to drink. With the advent of the industrial manufacturing of beverages using raw fruits and berries in the 20th century, water infusions almost completely disappeared from the Russian menu.

Try making one yourself!


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