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Russian royal feasts, known far beyond Russia, were accompanied by an incredible amount of dishes and beverages.

Russian tsarsloved festive meals and feasts. Some dishes of Tsars are impossible to try nowadays. But if we talk about everyday lunches and dinners, then the majority of Russian tsarswere relatively modest and preferred simple Russian national dishes.

A Feast of Feasts

Almost all of the products for royal tables were of Russian origin. From abroad were only wines (French, Greek) and fruits (lemons, figs, dates).

A list of dishes of Russian tsars today can impress even the most sophisticated foodie.

Feast of a tsar was not just consuming of food, but it was a whole performance. Guests were surprised by deer, swans, peacocks, cooked and served whole, beautifully decorated with fruits and vegetables.

Table Setting and Decoration of Dishes

For tsars’ tables only the most original and exquisite tableware was used. Gold cups and silver plates decorated royal tables for centuries.

The dishes were decorated masterfully, especially cold appetizers. Whole fish, pigs or poultry were elaborately decorated with fruit and vegetables (cucumbers, lemons, plums).

The food intended directly for a monarch went through a special selection process. Everyone who touched it had to try it – from the chef to kraychii – a guard of the tsar table.

Favorite Dishes of Tsars

On regular days tsars preferred fairly simple food. For example, the Russian Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich loved buckwheat porridge, and the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great ate a lot of fruits and vegetables from a nearby garden, while Russian Empress Catherine the Great preferred braised beef with sauerkraut, and Nicholas I – chicken (“Pozharskie”) meatballs, and Alexander III – Russian cabbage soup.


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