5. Cuisines of the Northern Peoples - Chukotka Traditions

Well, you absolutely have to try it, even if you will have to fly around the world to do that.


Boiled venison, venison broth, thinly sliced ​​frozen meat with salt –these are the main dishes made of deer. Venison has amazing properties (which could be easily verified, if you tried it). Venison was never fried, and when boiling it they tried not to overdo it too, so that the meat retained a little pink in it.

Deer Brains

They were prepared for newlyweds. Reality or myth –it is unknown, but legends speak of the hypersexuality of men who consumed this dish.


The back part of the deer is cut into chunks and boiled. Cooked meat is then sliced ​​very, very thinly and mixed with warm melted deer lard. Then it is cooled. On top the dish is decorated with boiled bone marrow deer and then frozen. Prerem is a universal gift.


It is a mix of fresh deer blood, pieces of deer lard, venison and a little flour for thickness. This dish was prepared before the beginning of serious work.

Montak / Mantak (First Chewing Gum)

Coastal Chukchi considered a delicacy fresh upper part of the whale skin with a layer of fat, which can be chewed for a long time.


A special dish on Chukchi table. The contents of the stomach of a just slaughtered deer is squeezed out, to it added the blood of deer, deer fat, sliced ​​thinly gut of the deer, sometimes herbs, and boiled.

Kolobki or Tolkusha

This is one of the most favorite dishes in Chukotka.

Roots and bulbs of collected herbs are pounded, then you add boiled venison and seal oil. Form balls. The dish is eaten cold.

Kopalhem (Kopalhen, Kopalhyn, Kopalgyn, Kopalha, Igunak)

A caught seal or walrus are cut into large chunks with the skin (up to 80 kg) and is dug into the ground. The pit is preliminarily layered with plants that add flavor to the dish. In six months the dish is ready.


This is a version of Kopalhem. In this case, the seal is stuffed with freshly caught gulls (in their entirety). Some think that the gulls need to be plucked (wrong). In half a year the dish is ready. The digestive enzymes of the gulls digest not only gulls but the seal as well. If you forget about the smell (yuck!), the flavor of the dish resembles a strong gourmet cheese.

Secret Dish “Food for Lovers”

Take 300 grams of boiled brains of deer, two boiled eider eggs, generously add green shoots of the golden root (ginseng), and to taste –some wild sorrel and onions. Mix it all together and serve immediately.

Survival in extreme conditions of the North with a short summer and an endless winter created a special, unique Chukchi cuisine.


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