The Russian culture is of all kinds. It embodies tendencies of the East and the West. At the same time the Russian culture shared a lot with the world and created a huge layer in the global culture and art.

Many Russian writers and poets are known not only in Russia but all around the world.

The music of Russian composers is performed in the world’s best concert halls. Russian performers are among the best-known performers in the world. For example, I was very pleased to find a small Russian man’s chorus in one of the castles in France; those voices filled all the space around us to the surprise of numerous grateful listeners. Russian ballet… Russian folk music… Very kind children songs… Russian artists… Russian architects did not just possess a unique style but they created a separate trend in the world’s architecture (many modern buildings in the world were built in this style). Russian films not so much entertain the viewers as explore core values and the meaning of human’s life. Surely the description of the Russian cultural environment would not be completed without the traditional Russian costume and its ceremonies.

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