Darya, 18 years old, Moscow

Our today’s story is about Darya Moiseyeva, who tirelessly explores new directions in life.



Darya studies at the faculty of physical culture. “In the theory, it seems very easy but, in fact, we study not only sport subjects but physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry and lots of other important subjects on solid ground”.

Besides, Darya always wanted to connect her life with creativity. That is why she plans to obtain a degree in art.

Graduation party

Graduation party

Darya’s usual day surely includes sport. This is not surprising for a physical culture student.

Moreover, Darya takes dancing lessons (13 years of proven record), and also plans to recommence vocal and artistic skills lessons.
Darya is a cosplay model. Her cosplays are growing more and more popular in the Russian Internet.

Warhammer 40000 Cosplay. The Soviet version

Warhammer 40000 Cosplay. The Soviet version 

Darya loves horse riding and driving motorcycles.

She would like to improve her creative skills and certainly make a contribution into art. Darya truly thinks that constant development and life are synonyms. She takes Descarte’s famous words as her own motto: “I thing, therefore I am”.

Darya’s key for happiness is pursuing her goals and reaching them.

In Darya’s opinion, nowadays it is not popular among young Russians to be patriots. However, Darya disagrees with them: “I love my country. And, as it seems to me, I’m the one of few young patriots in Russia”. Furthermore, Darya adores her hometown Moscow: “It is the best city on the Earth”.

Darya might not be fully satisfied with the current political situation in Russia, but she claims: “I don’t want to leave my country and on the whole I stand for the Russian state of mind”.

Darya’s wishes for the TDR readers: “Come and visit us! Everything is wonderful here!”

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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