Security measures in the park

4 Painters Lake

Painters Lake

The most important thing before going on the route is to register in the office of the Ministry of Emergence Situations or in the Ergaki natural park. The place of registration is situated in the Visiting Center of the natural park or you can register yourself on 605 km (869 mi) of the M-54 highway (Oiskoe Lake).

However, you can register yourself or send a message about finishing the route via phone.

The bear’s curiosity towards tourists

There are many tourists on the most popular routes in the Ergaki. But unfortunately some tourists leave some food under the rocks or dig their leftovers as offerings to spirits. Bears living in the Ergaki natural park feed on these leftovers and they can even worry tourists. It is very dangerous!

Specialists from the Ergaki natural park and from the Ministry of Emergency Situations give recommendations about security measures in the park. We state the most significant of them below.

8 Parable Peak (“Brothers”)

Parable Peak (“Brothers”)

How to avoid meeting a bear

All food must not be in the tent but kept few meters away from it.

All leftovers must be burned or taken away.

People have to travel in groups no smaller than four people.

If there is no chance to look around, you have to talk loudly and to clap hands to avoid meeting a bear.

The means of hazing animals must always be at hand, for example, road flares, smoke grenades and etc.

5 Painters Lake

Painters Lake

Meeting a bear

In case you see a bear try to go away but do not turn you back at the animal.

Never come close to a bear’s cubs.

A bear standing on its hind feet is not dangerous; it is curious. This is how it tries to see and smell you.

If a bear is getting close or is running towards you, you have to stand shoulder to shoulder and talk to it in a deep voice. You can shout at it or throw arms in the air.

It is pointless to run away from a bear. Bears are twice faster than people.

In most cases this will be enough to prevent the physical contact with a bear.

If a bear is very close, you can fall on your stomach and freeze. It might think that there is no danger and will leave you. If a bear attacks, you have to stand up against it. You have to fight back if a bear tries to get into the tent since it is obviously an offense.

In case somebody from your group suffers from the bear’s attack, you should call 112 for the Ministry of Emergency Situations rescuers (mobile communications is available only on the mountain passes and park’s peaks!).

Photos and quotes by Andrey Grachev

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