Music group Ergyron from Chukotka pays special attention in their exciting performances to Eskimo traditions.

In Eskimo music basically only one musical instrument is used – a tambourine.

Eskimo Music and Dance

According to Chukotka writer Yuri Rytkheu, melodies were born from the very life of the inhabitants of the north, during their hunting, shepherding herds of deer, when fishing and hunting for sea animals. After that, the melody was layered with dance. And this dance always consisted of quite specific set of gestures which remained unchanged since the ancient times. But the performance itself was always new every year.

At a specific time, when the coast was cleared of ice, the residents of the North gathered for a meeting-competition of singing and dancing…

Modern Sound of Eskimo Music

Chukotka-Eskimo Ergyron music group, created in 1968, is trying to take the traditional path when creating their Eskimo mini-compositions dedicated to the everyday life of northerners.


Humorous Composition “Brother and Sister”

It is about fun arguments and humorous competitions between a brother and asister:

Eskimo dance with a trampoline

Unusual dance technique that uses skins in place of a trampoline:

Remix of the composition “Reindeer herder”

Traditional rendition of Eskimo music in adaptation creates lively interest:

Eskimo music performed by Ergyron enjoys the most enthusiastic reception not only in Russia but also in Greenland (Denmark), where there is a large population of Eskimos.


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