These photos were sent by Victor Varzakov. They were taken in Moscow in 2010-2012.

Old Arbat (the most famous tourist pedestrian street in Russia), a street musician is performing:

Victor Varzakov-1728830

Red October Factory, Cafe Veranda, one of the visitors at the cafe:

Victor Varzakov-1834954

A homeless musician on the Kuznetsky bridge in the center of Moscow:

Victor Varzakov-2015112

One of the meetings, which took place at the Pushkin Square in 2010. An elderly participant of the meeting:

Victor Varzakov-1545148

Again, Old Arbat, which not only serves as the main tourist thoroughfare in Moscow, but also attracts all kinds of traditional and nontraditional, informal movements:

Victor Varzakov-1572799

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