Russian Millet Porridge

Millet porridge is a traditional favorite morning dish of Russians for many centuries now.

Millet in Russia has been used for a long time. And millet porridge as a national dish was firmly established in the early 12thcentury. Millet porridge spread very quickly because millet is easy to grow and it is not picky to the soil and climate, and therefore its crops have always been accessible and inexpensive.

How to Prepare Millet

First, to get tasty millet porridge, it is important that millet was fresh. The peculiarity of this grain is that it is not stored for as long as the other grains. Over time, the grain gets a bitter taste, which does not allow making tasty dishes of it.

Secondly, millet before cooking should always be washed. Usually it is required to do this up to six times or until the water after washing runs transparent. The water for washing millet should be hot.

The Ratio of Liquids and Millet

For all Russian porridges the ratio of liquid and grains is important. During cooking, the liquid is absorbed by the grains, allowing them to soften up. If there is not enough liquid, the porridge will be tough. If there is too much liquid – porridge will be watery and too soft. Adding or draining the liquid during the cooking process will not achieve the desired consistency. The ideal ratio for millet porridge is 1 to 4, i.e. one part of millet needs 4 parts of liquid. Typically cooks use water with milk in half.

How to Cook Millet Porridge

Washed millet is added to hot water, put on a strong fire, salted. During cooking, the foam will rise, which has to be removed. On a very high heat the water will get quickly evaporated from the porridge. After that, add hot milk to the porridge. Now reduce the heat and continue to cook the porridge until it thickens.

Gold Porridge

When millet porridge is ready it has a nice golden color. For that it is often called gold porridge. It is served with butter. For children sweet millet porridgeis often cooked, with the addition of fresh berries or dried fruit.


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