The Vixen is Posing

It was always very tough for me to take photos of the vixen. She was always on guard. But she is a very good mother indeed! She could feed eight cubs after a bear attack at the beginning of July.

Now cubs are demonstrating their natural instincts. They are trying to deepen the hole. Almost all their free time they are real diggers! 🙂

The foxes now have much food: there are lots of pink and chum salmon. After spawning the fish die. The fox cubs already learned to pick dead fish, but mostly for playing not eating.

It is interesting but I noticed that fox cubs are afraid of human beings much more than adult foxes are afraid of men. It is their natural instincts to be afraid of humans, but the adult animals understand that they are in safe keeping.

The largest cub from his fox family. He is displeased with human presence near his hole

Fox Cubs

Villain’s terrible death was the reason why I could not post my photos at once.

But now the photos are ready to post.

Here they are.

Fox’s heirs of the body!

Good fortune be with them.


I think it is better for them not to leave the National park!




Fox cubs are fighting for a gull wing (playing)

Fox cub is playing with a tail of his dad (fox named Villain)

See the beginning:

The fox named Villain

The photos and story are by Igor Shpilenkok

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