The memory of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut who in 1961 in 2 hours circled the earth, and Valery Chkalov who in 1937 in 63 hours completed ​​the world’s first transpolar flight, is immortalized in songs, medals, city names, and of course, in monuments. Let’s see, where these monuments are located.

Space does not Belong to Anyone, and Gagarin – to All Mankind

In honor of Gagarin more than 50 monuments worldwide were erected. Among the most beautiful and original there are sculptures in Greenwich (UK), in Houston and in New York (USA), Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), on Crete, in Colombo (Sri Lanka), Erfurt (Germany), in Skara Bray (Scotland) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

The memory of Gagarin was first immortalized outside the USSR in 1975 in Karlovy Vary.

For the 50th anniversary of the first flight into space, in 2011 Gagarin’s monument was erected in the UK, and the ceremony was attended by astronaut’s daughter Elena and Prince Michael. The monument was erected in the Greenwich Observatory.

In 2012, a monument to Gagarin in Houston (Texas) and the museum complex “Cradle of Aviation” (New York) were opened, where a bronze Gagarin welcomes his colleague – the American astronaut Glenn.

Chkalov Conquered the Pole and Forever – the Hearts of Americans

Chkalov’sairplane (the crew – Alexander Belyakov and Georgy Baidukov) left Moscow on June 18, 1937. On June 19 it passed the North Pole and landed in Vancouver (USA, Vancouver state) on June 20. Without landing “ANT-25” flew 5,288 miles.

On June 21, 1937, speaking to Americans, Valery said a historic phrase, symbolic for both Russia and the United States: “Our people have to coexist peacefully on a small planet earth, and with their joint work they should fill an ocean of humanity.”

A monument to Chkalov was erected in Vancouver.

Gagarin and Chkalov… In many countries, the names of these people are uttered with awe. Two Russian test-pilots in their short lives were able to do so much for a peaceful life on the planet.

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