The man who conquered space gave his life to the sky.

The first cosmonaut in the world, Yuri Gagarin, died on March 27, 1968, and the circumstances of his death are still not completely clear. This is as big a mystery of the 20thcentury, as the Kennedy assassination, or the death of Princess Diana.

His Last Mission

On March 27, Yuri Gagarin went on a training flight with an experienced pilot Vladimir Seregin. Their two-pilot “MiG-15” was in the air less than 13 minutes. Gagarin was in the first cab, Seregin – in the second. Their task was to reach a certain air zone, perform certain maneuvers and return to the airfield. The weather and visibility that day were satisfactory.

After 12 minutes the crew asked for permission to prematurely complete the task and return to the airfield. And this was their last request. A little more than a minute later “MiG-15” crashed in the woods near the village of Novoselovo.

Investigation of the Accident

Government Commission that was established to determine the reasons for the crash has never released a formal conclusion. Perhaps, the files of this case were classified because they have not been able to determine the exact circumstances of the deaths of Gagarin and Seregin. Such veil of mystery has led to the emergence of many versions and guesses.

Different Versions

There are more than three dozen of just main versions: from getting into the “air pocket” and a sudden onset of ulcer for Seregin so that he lost consciousness and pressed with his body the handle that controlled the plane, to the explosion of the accumulator and many more.

The pilot-cosmonaut Alexei Leonov believes that the cause of the crash of the plane was his passing in close proximity to the other fighter. Experimental studies have shown that as a result of exposure to the air wave from another plane, the plane of Gagarin and Seregin would have been overturned and thrown into a tailspin, which would be impossible to get out from.

There are many versions, but the mystery of the death of the First cosmonaut has not yet been solved.


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