Gedmish is breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls located in Kabardino-Balkaria, Southern Russia.

The Gedmish Waterfalls became known outside Russia no more than ten years ago. Those who were lucky to visit this natural site described the experience with great enthusiasm and called the waterfalls a new Wonder of the World or at least Europe.

The waterfalls are about 60 or 70 meters (197 or 230 feet) high. It is impossible to calculate its exact height since the waterfalls have no single stream and are more like a cascade of multiple streams.

The Gedmish Waterfalls are especially beautiful in winter. They form a gigantic ice crown that is often called “The Kingly Crown”.

The waterfalls in Gedmish are probably the most stunning ones in the whole North Caucasus.

Alexander Frolov went to Gedmish in winter. Below you can see the photos he took:

1 Gedmish


2 Gedmish


3 Gedmish

If you intend to visit the Gedmish Waterfalls, you should probably hurry up because there are rumors that surrounding areas are going to be reconstructed.

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