Kefir for weight loss

This traditional Russian drink turned out to be so tasty and healthful that in some countries, such as Japan, it created ​​a real revolution.

Back in the 19thcentury in Russia people already knew about an amazing drink that prolongs life and helps to get rid of many diseases. The secret of its preparation belonged to peoples of the Caucasus. According to a legend, it was a Russian girl who had a chance to reveal the secret of the drink to the world.

A Unique Drink

This amazing drink is known as “kefir”. In Russia kefir appeared in major cities in the mid-19thcentury and at first was extremely expensive. It was believed that kefir had unique healing properties. It helps with diseases of the bowel, blood, metabolism, and was even used in the treatment of tuberculosis. But no one could find out how to make kefir until the early 20thcentury.

Kefir Hunter

In the early 20th century in the town of Kislovodsk arrived a young Russian girl. She worked in the well-known dairy company. Irina came to the Caucasus with the sole purpose of trying to get for her company unique kefir corns. The company already had an order for a shipping of kefir for the Russian Society of doctors. And they didn’t have the technology for making it.

Irina stayed with a hospitable Caucasian prince. According to a legend, the young prince fell in love with the girl and decided to ask for her hand. However, he did so according to local tradition – he stole the bride. But the prince’s act only offended the girl, as she had no plans to marry. To make peace, the prince decided to give the girl something for which she came to the Caucasus. So soon Irina returned to Moscow with kefir corns and a recipe of a healthful Caucasian kefir.

Popularity of Kefir

In the early 20th century, the patients at Botkin Hospital in Moscow began receiving kefir. Then kefir appeared in shops of Moscow and other cities. Later kefir spread to Europe and America, and then – to Asia.

Today a triumphantexpansionof kefir around the world still goes on.


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