Dramatic Moment

In the final game at the 20th Olympic Games in Munich, the USSR team played against the U.S. team. Below there is a link which displays all thehighlights of this game.

In this game, the U.S. team was one point behind the USSR team, but by the end of the game Americans evened out the score. In the last seconds of the game, the U.S. player scored a field goal, and the score was 50:49 in favor of the United States. You hear the final siren. The commentator Nina Eremina, whose voice you hear in the video, does not hide her disappointment.

On the field you can see joy and disappointment at the same time.

Then, unexpectedly, the judges announced that the board showed the wrong time, since it has not been synchronized with stopwatches of the judges, and there were still 3 seconds left in the game. It was very hard to calm down, but the game was resumed. The voice of the commentator is very quiet, perhaps she already accepted the defeat, or is simply afraid of losing sports luck with premature hope (according to a Russian omen):

The game began again, there was a rally: Ivan Edeshko started the game and passed the ball to Alexander Belov.

The U.S. players were already relaxed and couldn’t block the ball or the Soviet players’ sharp actions near their own ring. Alexander Belov made a simple trick and he was at the ring by himself. A throw and net – a victory! The score was 51:50 in favor of the Soviet Union.

The USSR had won against the United States before, but this time it was the first basketball USSR Olympic “Gold”.


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