USSR National Emblem

Not many details remained about the process of creating the national emblem of the Soviet Union, but the story is very interesting.

Despite the bloody trail of events that swept Russia after the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in 1917, the Bolsheviks always emphasized that the dictatorship was not a goal in itself, but only a temporary means necessary when the system was changing.

Very interesting events occurred during the creation of the national emblem of the USSR.

Meeting with Lenin about the Emblem

According to the memoirs of Vladimir Bonch-Bruevich: Vladimir Lenin, the Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (the head of state), was shown a sketch of the USSR emblem –on a red background there were shining rays of the sun, framed with sheaves of wheat, and on the inside – crossed sickle (peasants) and hammer (workers). On the top – a sword (the soldiers).

“- Interesting!.. – said Vladimir Lenin. –Nice idea, but why the sword? – And he looked at all of us. – We fight, we fight and we will fight … But we don’t attack – we defend ourselves from enemies, our war is defensive,  and so the sword is not our emblem. We should hold it firmly in our hands to protect our proletarian state for as long as we have enemies, while we are under attack, for as long as we are threatened, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever … The emblem of our socialist state should not have a sword on it…”

Lenin put his signature on a sketch.

With minor changes the Emblem of the USSR was approved. The names of the USSR republics were written on ribbons on wheat sheaves framing the emblem. Their number increased with time, reaching a maximum of 16 republics.

Poetic Representation of the Idea of the National Emblem of the USSR

Poet Samuil Marshak, who became best known for his children books, dedicated to the emblem the following lines (excerpt):

“That was an old custom,

– That state emblems

Threatened neighbors with animal face

Grinning with all its teeth.

But not an eagle, nor a lion, nor a lioness

Decorated our coat of arms,

But a gold wreath of wheat,

Mighty hammer, and a sharp sickle.


We don’t threaten other nations,

But protect our spacious land …”

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