How to Help the Project

The mission of the project is telling our readers about a truly amazing country, which is Russia, and its people. By creating this website we hope to make the world a friendlier and more tolerate place.

Below we list some ways to help the project.

1. Inform us about your interests

  • You can write us what topics you find the most interesting. We will try to cover them in our future articles. However, we will not write about politics, criminality and similar controversial topics.
  • Please, comment your favorite articles and share this information in social networks. It will help us to understand what you are mostly interested in!
  • How to improve our website? Share your ideas with us. We will thoroughly consider all your suggestions.

2. Write an article or a report about Russia and send us your photos

  • You can write an article about some place in Russia, an interesting phenomenon, a memorable moment in its history or peculiar traditions either in Russian or English. We will also welcome your travel notes connected with your journeys throughout Russia. We always put authors’ names in the end of their articles.
  • If you have taken some photos of Russia, its picturesque places, interesting events or people you can give them to the project. A photo can be of any size.

We are glad to discover Russia together with you!

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