Russian Woman

Ideas of feminism not simply penetrated Russia – women have long had equal rights with men. Today it even seems that women have more rights than men. This is especially noticeable in the case of romantic encounters. And Russian men seem to like it.

A traditional Russian family is built on the division of roles. A man is the head of the family, a breadwinner. A woman is the heart of the family. Today it seems that this tradition is long gone. Yet in practice of dating we can still find the features of the traditional family lifestyle.

Knights of the Round Table

Many Russian girls are waiting for the man to take care of them, protect them and their future children.

And they judge that male characteristic by the way a man takes care of them already during the courtship.

Who Pays?

Imagine a date in a cafe. Who pays? Of course, they split the check. Wrong. In Russia a man pays for a woman. It’s like a test for a man – if he can’t even pay for dinner, what else can I expect from him?

Of course this is not an absolute rule. Sometimes the check is split or a woman pays.

There are abuses of this rule too – some “ladies” use this widespread custom to have free daily dining in restaurants by handing out advances to men. But men have already learned to identify these women.

Care is in the Details

On a date (and not only) a Russian man will open a door for his woman, will offer his jacket to keep her warm, and may even carry her over a raging water flow on the street during a thunderstorm.

Moreover, these tokens of attention may manifest themselves towards the women he doesn’t personally know – this way a man practices his skills of caringfor a woman, a family.

Harsh Reality

Of course, not all Russian men and women behave themselves this way. There are many other behavior scenarios.

If you know any Russians, then don’t be surprised, because you are likely to encounter this tradition demonstrating a man’s care of a woman. 

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