Incredible Helicopter KA-50 “Black Shark”

By the end of the 1980s in Europe, America and Russia there were active secret developments of new helicopters, which were supposed to radically change the approach to warfare.

There were a lot of rumors about a Russian project. Some of them were created purposefully in order to conceal the secrets about the helicopter, which had no analogues in the world.

Flawless Power of the “Black Shark”

The helicopter “Black Shark” surpassed all other existing helicopters in the world in terms of maneuverability, flight qualities and weapons power by at least 30 percent.

For their fantastic qualities this aircraft was given the nickname “Black Shark.” By NATO classification this machine belongs to the category of “deceivers.” In England it is called “Black ghost.”

The History Behind the Emergence of the “Black Shark”

Helicopters as a military force that gives a significant advantage over the enemy were first appreciated during the Vietnam aggression. The experience of using helicopters by American troops has been studied in detail in the Soviet Union.

In 1977, the association “Kamov” won the first ever in the history of the Soviet aircraft industry tender for production of the newest combat helicopter. Development began the same year. Technical specifications did not imply anything incredible. But the designers and engineers considered it only as a starting point.

And they managed to achieve their goal. “Black Shark” is capable of performing acrobatic maneuvers that were once considered improbable for helicopters in general. For example, the “noose.”

The first flight of the “Black Shark” was performed in 1982. It became apparent that all innovative ideas that were planned for this project became fully realized.

Another feature of the helicopter became a progressive electronic “filling”. “Black Shark” was equipped with computers that managed navigation, locating a target and managing the fire, and controlled all components of the helicopter.

Helicopter “Black Shark” is a winning combination of calculation and imagination. It is using “Black Sharks” the techniques of conducting modern pin-point war are polished.


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