For many years now Hollywood has been an inexhaustible supplier of blunders in the inscriptions in the Russian language.

Fantastic Four

On the container ship sailing away there is a clearly visible inscription that literally sounds like “The head of the foot finger.”

Fantastic Four

The Terminal

In this film, according to the documents Tom Hanks is a woman –Gulnara Gulina from Belarus. Incidentally, it is a fact that Gulnara Gulina really moved to the U.S., and it seems that thanks to the film she became famous.

The Terminal

Bourne Identity

During the “translation” they basically just switched the keyboard layout to Russian and typed a last name which ended up being gibberish, something like LSHTSHFUM.

The Bourne Identity

The Series Chuck

Very funny inscriptions. Literal translations: “I hate” and “John Bush.”

And below the signature – “Ivan Smirnoff.”A translator?



In a national newspaper “Pravda” of the Soviet times (literally – the truth) was added on top the word “almost” which totally changed the meaning of the title to “Almost the truth.” Was that the sarcasm of the translator?



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