Irina Avvakumova

On 4 January 2014 the Russian ski jumper Irina Avvakumova won the World Cup in Chaykovsky, Russia.

Now she is the first Russian to ever win the World Cup.

She beats the German Carina Vogt (silver), and in the overall standings Irina Avvakumova beats the Japanese Sarah Takanashi (bronze).

Irina’s both attempts were excellent – 100 and 101,5 meters, they brought the victory to Irina.

Despite the great victory, Irina is already preparing for the Olympic Games, which start in the Russian city of Sochi next month.

We congratulate Irina on this fab victory and we asked her 5 questions:

1. What is for you this victory ?

For me it is the next step in my life.

2. What do you need to win?

Confidence and teamwork.

3. What is the most difficult /not pleasant for you in your training?

Well, it is tough to answer – I am always training with pleasure.

4. Please, continue the phrase: “I am grateful for / to …”?

I am grateful to my mom and my coach [Roman Kerov].

5. What would you wish to all people on the planet?

Success in everything, and lots of good luck to all of us!

We wish Irina new great sports victories and personal achievements in her carrier!


A photo is given by Irina Avvakumova.

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