On a hot day in August of 1967, the CIA analysts were puzzled by a satellite picture, which showed a huge unknown object hovering over the waters of the Caspian Sea.

– Well, it’s probably the Loch Ness Monster! – Wonderingly said one.

– It’s the Caspian Sea Monster! – His colleague specified.

The satellite camera captured a top-secret Soviet hybrid of an aircraft and a ship – ground effect vehicle.

Does it Look Like a Monster?

Judge for yourself. GEV is similar to a plane and a ship of about 100 meters long. GEV reached a speed of 500 km per hour and could deliver a whole amphibious battalion with all the armor to its landing on the coast. The “Caspian Sea Monster” flying a few meters over the water surface was invisible to radars of that time. To landthe troops from the “Caspian Sea Monster” all you need is more or less smooth shore.

Caspian Sea Monste

Caspian Sea Monste

Where the “Caspian Sea Monster” Was Built

This advanced and top-secret GEV was built in Nizhny Novgorod. Its designer, RostislavAlexeyev, previously had developed a series of hydrofoilsthat could transport passengers on water at 90 km / h. “Caspian Monster” became the largest and most famous, but not the only GEVdeveloped by Alekseev.

Sons of “Caspian Monster”

Although “Caspian Monster” was never mass produced, the work of creating GEVs continued. The ground effect landing craft “Eaglet” weighted 120 tons, could fly at an altitude of up to 100 meters and deliver two tanks and a battalion of marinesto a desired spot. The battlefield GEV “Lun” was armed with missiles “Moskit” (SS-N-22 Sunburn) and could successfully fight enemy ships.



Today on its base a rescue GEV is created, which will be equipped with a field hospital and will be able to transport up to 500 people. By 2015, Russia will be ready to start a mass production of such vehicles.

The curtain on GEV development has not dropped yet!


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