Kalashnikov Rifle

Kalashnikov rifle is a gun familiar to almost any boy, youngster, man in the world. It is the most famous gun in the world.

The History of the Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1944 was working on creating a short rifle for bullets using the original 1943 year model, and as a result created his famous rifle. Ever since Kalashnikov rifle was invented, it was continuously improved both constructively and technologically.

Kalashnikov rifle was easy to use and affordable. It had a more compact and convenient size, which made it easier to use while shooting. This weapon perfectly met the needs of the armies of several countries, serving as a machine gun and a rifle.

In 1959 a “modernized Kalashnikov rifle” was released, in which the deficiencies of stamped barrel extension were eliminated.

Next came a Kalashnikov assault rifle AK-74. It was equipped with a more powerful muzzle barrel and smaller caliber. This allowed increasing the accuracy and the dispersion of fire.

Kalashnikov rifle continued to change as international weapon industry changed as well. A modified AK-74M was released with a modified bolt and barrel and a new compensator, also AK- 101, AK-103, shorter rifles. All models consistently showed excellent ballistic performance and became widely used.

A New Kalashnikov Rifle

In a modern Kalashnikov rifle the advantages of all the previous models and new modern features have come together:

  • A folding monolithic stock, comfortable to hold and aim
  • Ability to use the rifle in a hand-to-hand combat
  • Low coefficient of heat transfer that preserves hands from burns during firing

Kalashnikov rifle is still a widely used gun that embodies reliability and efficiency. It evokes the feelings of respect and awe. And, like any weapon, it should be used for protection and not for attack.

This is the only way to treat a good weapon that should only be used to defend.


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