Kamchatka is a unique place not only in Russia but in the world. Everyone who has ever visited Kamchatka, takes completely different, but always fantasticemotions.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Koryaksky volcano

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a unique place on the planet with nature still intact. There you can see: hot volcanoes and ice, rivers and mountains at once. The strong winds always bring new weather to that territory.

Kamchatka is a place where you can find ice even in summer. During winter you are able to see lovely glades with green grass near thermal baths and volcanoes.

Kamchatka is famous for its volcanoes, these volcanoes that impress people with their intimidating beauty. On the peninsula there is the largest active volcano in Asia and Europe Klyuchevskaya Sopka is located on the peninsulaIf you get lucky, you will be able to witness its eruption.

The volcanoes of Kamchatka are included into UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.

The Valley of geysersis situated on the Kamchatka peninsula. It is a unique place on the planet. The number and quantity of geysers in this place are unique on our planet.

The Kamchatka peninsula is rich in its flora and fauna. A lot of places in Kamchatka are really still intact. Nature lovers are really fond of that place. The nature of Kamchatka is unique indeed. Even ordinary grass – that grows in Central Russia – in Kamchatka can createdense jungle.

The constant changing of the weather conditions, unusual lighting conditions, unique nature (flora and fauna) – mountains, volcanoes, forests, lakes, geysers – as well as the aboriginal population in Kamchatka turn this peninsulainto a real mecca for tourists and professional and amateur photographers too.

No doubt, the photos taken in Kamchatka will become a real photo pearlin your photo collection.

In Kamchatka there are a lot of thermal mineral springs. You can take these natural healing bathsjust a few times to feel better. Most of the springs are located in very beautiful places; this factgives you an opportunityto take treatment and to enjoy the nature of Kamchatka at the same time. A particularly strong effect you can take from the baths in the cold time of the year: you are in warm or hot water, and everything around you is in snow. Trust – it is a fantastic feeling!

Almost 30 percent of the total area of Kamchatka is occupied by national parks. You should visit them, no doubt!

Kamchatka has everything for excellent fishing. Trophy fishing is very popular in this unique region.

The peninsula is rich in animals. E. g. the well-known Kamchatka brown bear, which, along with the Alaska brown bear is considered to be the world’s largest subspecies of brown bears on Earth.

The animal world of Kamchatka is very rich. In Kamchatka it is possible to see rare birds such as the Steller’s sea eagle, white-tailed eagle, Golden eagle and peregrine Falcon.

It is interesting but on the Kamchatka peninsula there are no reptiles. E. g. snakes. As for amphibians – there are only Tritons in Kamchatka.

Kamchatka is a wonderful region for travelers who are ready to go for a long walk to see various unique natural phenomenon. This peninsula will empress you much for sure!

Welcome to Kamchatka!


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