Kizhi is an unique complex of ancient Russian architecture, it is located on the Island of Kizhi in Lake Onega in the North of Russia.
In Russia there are just a few wooden churches with the age of 300 years or even more. They are all located in the North of Russia.

They are really unique!

If you have desire and enough free time in summer you can take SUV 4*4, a map of Russia, navigator, and go to the Russian country in the North of Russia.

Trust! You will get an unforgettable experience!


Kizhi Island, Russia. The photo is given by Sergey Krotkov

But If you don’t have much time, then the best option for you – come to Kizhi Island in Russia!

Kizhi Island is a complex of buildings outside. There are many wooden churches made without a single nail. These churches have been almost intact there for many centuries. But unfortunately the situation has changed. In the 70s of the 20th century there were acid rains in Russia and they were effecting on the unique wooden buildings not positive at all.

It was a really difficult task for the Russian scientists to protect the buildings without any changes in Kizhi cultural objects. The Russian scientists had a lot of options for protection but they found the ones that are the best.

The Kizhi Island complex

Kizhi Architectural Ensemble is into the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

Among the most famous buildings you can see: The Church of the Transfiguration, the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin and the Bell Kizhi Pogost.

In fact, there are more than 80 objects of wooden architecture on Kizhi Island. For sure you should see the most famous buildings of Russian wooden architecture at first, but then you should ask guides to show you other objects. It is possible that these wooden buildings do not look so nice, but they reflect that time. e.g.: store houses ( grain storage ). There are also cottages (family houses), houses (as a rule two or three-story buildings), with elegant trims (window decorations).

Some wooden two – and three-story houses have a very interesting construction ( they are long: two or three dozen meters or more). Under the same roof were combined different zones (living part and household part).

On Kizhi Island you can also find saunas , stables, windmills, some absolutely unique chapels, barns ( small buildings with ovens for drying wheat, rye, barley ), worship crosses with some shelter/roof (it is obligatory for such a cold climate).

All these items help visitors to understand the life in the Russian North a few centuries ago.

Practical information

There is also information in English there.

There you can get a virtual tour in English as well.

There is also an interesting section for young visitors there.

Museum Kizhi Pogost is open to the public for all 12 months.

Working hours and ticket prices: link1 and link2 (Official web site of the Kizhi Island, Museum Kizhi Pogost).

We think that the best time to visit the Museum Kizhi Pogost is August.

How to get to Kizhi island

First you need to go to the city of Petrozavodsk by plane or train. You should Book a hotel in Petrozavodsk, as probably it will be hard for you to visit the Kizhi complex at once – you will need some rest.

In Petrozavodsk there are also several interesting museums.

From May to September you can reach the island of Kizhi by hydrofoils. It will take about over an hour.

in winter or late autumn it is possible to reach the island by helicopter, hovercraft or by sled dogs in winter.

Detailed information you can look here.

Gifts, presents, souvenirs from Kizhi

In the souvenir shop you can buy original gifts (1-15 USD). There are also various audio CDs and beautiful gift albums there.


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