The city, located at the confluence of the Volga and Kostroma rivers, is not big by today’s standards. It’s a cute, slow paced, typical Russian provincial town, which is part of the Golden Ring of Russia.

Kostroma’s Past

The city was founded in the XII century by Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy. For many years it has been the center of apanage principality. Kostroma history is inextricably entwined with the history of the Romanov dynasty that ruled Russia in 1613-1917. Here, in the Ipatiev Monastery, the first member of the Romanov family became a tzar.

According to legend, a peasant from Kostroma, Ivan Susanin, who sacrificed his life to save the young tzar, rests in the Ipatiev Monastery. He became a household name in Russia – that is how we now call a man who, when leading a group of people, will definitely get you to the thickest forest.

Kostroma’s Architecture

The city preservedsomelandmarks of XV and XVI centuries, and a unique urban design with streets radiating from the town’s waterfront. Architectural look of Kostroma stayed practically unchanged from the XVIII century and it’s emphasized by Ipatiev and Bogoyavlensko-Anastasin monasteries.

Ipatiev Monastery

Ipatiev Monastery

Next to Ipatiev monastery there is a big open-air museum dedicated to Russian wooden architecture.

Main attraction of the town square, Fire Tower, is a recognizable symbol of Kostroma. They say that Emperor Nicholas I exclaimed: “Nothing like that in Petersburg!” when he saw it.

Into the Fairy Tale

It is believed that Kostroma is the birthplace of the Snow Maiden. Yes, the granddaughter of Santa Claus, a staple guest at a New Year’s kids’ party. There is a house in Kostroma where the Snow Maiden lives, where you can not only visit her, but also look at her gifts from around the world. There is something for adults too: they can drinkreal Russian vodkafrom ice glasses.

These are only a few things about famous Kostroma – a kind provincial town in the heart of Russia, where you are always welcome!


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