Did it really happen?

These legends you will hear from all local residents, because this “hole into the abyss”located in the mountains of Russia makes such a strong impression on everyone who ever saw this lake. But most successful in these legends of the Blue Lake … were the staff members of the Research underwater center “Blue Lake”, which was built on the lake shore. They carefully collectall the legends about this wondrous lake.

The Legend of the Dragon of the Blue Lake

In the olden days in these parts of Russia (Kabardino-Balkaria) lived the warrior hero Batarez – the arch father of all local people. And one day he had a fight with a huge dragon. Batarez warriordefeated the dragon, and the dragon fell to the ground. The dragon was so big that in the place where he fell a hollow was formed which was filled with water. This is how the Blue Lake was born.

The dragon still sits at the bottom of the lake and is crying with bitter tears, filling the lake with water and giving a beautiful lake an unpleasant odor of hydrogen sulfide, and the lake never freezes because of the hot breath of the dragon.

The Legend of a Beautiful Princess


Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin

A beautiful princess fell in love with a beautiful, young and brave shepherd. But she was supposed to marry an old rich neighboring prince.

The prince learned about their feelings, so the shepherd was captured and thrown into a bottomless pit.

The princess learned about it and rushed to this abyss.

She cried so long and so hard that her transparent and full of love tears filled the abyss to the brim and formed a clear blue lake, beautiful as a teardrop of the beautiful princess.

Natalie Avseenko as a hero of a legend

Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin

The Real Mystic Story about the Blue Lake in our Days

Several years ago, one of the divers from the Underwater center found in the lake locked padlocks, and not far from them –the keys. They all looked like new, they were not faded and worn.

On the surface the find was carefully studied. Surprisingly, inside there locks were scraps of paper. When they took them out and lay on the table, they turned out to be the picture of a young man torn into many pieces.

Glued together photo was showed to the locals. It turned out that this was a real man who recently got married. But he chose to marry not the girl who was crazy about him. And so he started experiencing some setbacks: accidents, illnesses, losses…

It is possible that the issue was in these unfortunate locks. According to a local legend, you can be saved from bad fortune if you find these locks and unlock each of them. Then the spell will dissipate like smoke.

The guy got the locks and opened them. And, they say, from that day his life went smoothly.

And the other woman, in fear of revenge, left town.

Coincidence or magic? No one knows.

What’s on the Bottom of the Lake

Of course the bottomless lakeattracted those who were ready to hide something so that no one could find it. Locals suggest that there you may even find treasures of Khan Tamerlane, or there may be hidden artifacts from the era of Alexander the Great…

But for sure there can be many different things, because next to the lake there is a road that goes around it.


Photos – Viktor Lyagushkin / The team that is engaged in extreme media projects (link)

This article contains some of the materials of the Underwater center “Blue Lake”.

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