We continue our section “Views about Russia”, were we keep discovering facts about Russia (true and false). Some of the people with whom I speakknow a lot about Russia. Some of them even visited Russia. But today, my interviewee is very young. This fact is definitely reflected in the answers. It is a girl named Gem. She’s only at the beginning of living her life her way.

So, Gem, she’s from Thailand. She explained to me that Gem is her nickname. Her full name is Chatkaew Laporn. I assured her that in this article I will mention both her full name and her nickname as well. Gem knows some people from Russia who came to Thailand.

Gem-1942Gem, Thailand

Here are her views on Russia and Russians:

1. “Russia is a very big country”
Excellent! I do not know about your country, but in Russia “Excellent” is the best grade you can get in school. And here Gem is absolutely right. Russia is a very big country. I would say that Russia is the largest country in the world.

2. “Russian people are nice and kind“
Very, very nice. Usually Russians are always waiting for some tricks. That is why Russian people do not smile a lot and appear very serious. But typically, Russians are friendly and caring on the inside.

3. “I want to go to Moscow and walk in the snow there.”
It’s nice that someone wants to visit Russia. However, I looked at the prices offered by travel agencies, and the prices are high. But it will be cheaper for you to travel on your own. I hope Gem will visit Russia someday. In her 3rd sentence, Gem tells us that it is always cold in Russia. But here she is mistaken. It is just a common myth about Russia. I wish Gem good weather (a lot of snow and sunny bright days) when she visits Moscow.

Our graph of knowledge about Russia now looks like this:


“Cold” is ahead.
We will continue next week.

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