We continue our section “Views about Russia”. What do you immediately think of when you hear the word “Russia”? This is the subject of our interest in Russia and we also want to uncover the main myths about the country. Today my interviewee is Paul, he’s from England. Paul pointed out things about Russia that many of us do not remember. Today in Russia, there is a young generation of people who know nothing about the facts Paul is speaking about. But of course this is an bit of exaggeration; we all go to school and study our History.

Paul-1937Paul, England

Here is a list by Paul:

1. “The USSR

Perhaps we need to explain some answers by Paul. The full version of the USSR is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This country does not exist on the world map any more. This was the first socialist state in the world, and in the second half of the 20th century, the USSR was one of the superpowers. Тhe second superpower was the USA, or was it the first? We think that in this case it does not really matter. At least Russia is the official successor of the Soviet Union.

2. “It’s amazing that Russia is situated in two parts of the world, in Europe and Asia.”

Paul names the best-known fact about Russia. It’s a really huge country. What’s really interesting is that Russian territories are located in Asia, but the majority of Russian population lives in the European part.

3. “Gorbachev. He “showed” the West to Russia.”
Yes, Gorbachev is the most controversial figure in Russia’s recent past. He was the first and the last president of the Soviet Union. We suppose we will write more about the era of Gorbachev in our next articles.

Graph (true or false):


We can see in the graphwhat people know about Russia. We can’t say that Russia is known only for this or that. But for now the climate (cold) and the geography (big country) are the leaders on our list. We suppose these facts are typical of almost any country in the world.

We will continue our investigation.


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