The Cranes Are Flying

An emotional story about love that was put to the test of war.

The film shot by the Soviet director Mikhail Kalatozov received worldwide recognition. It won numerous awards. Among them – the prize at the Cannes IFF, in Mexico City, in Locarno.

“The Cranes Are Flying” is a special film, which talks about war using a special language.

A Chance Encounter with “Forever Alive”

The history of the film “The Cranes Are Flying” began quite by accident, when Mikhail Kalatozov read the play by Victor Rozov “Forever Alive”. Literally the next day Kalatozov went to Viktor Rozov to offer to write a screenplay based on his play.
Together Rozovand Kalatozov added to the play “Forever Alive” new twists and created the script of the film “The Cranes Are Flying.”

In 1956 the production of the movie began.

Momentous Coincidences

The history of the film “The Cranes Are Flying” from the very beginning has developed in such a way that popularity and recognition could not get past it. The talented director Mikhail Kalatozov and cameraman Sergei Urusevsky created a very strong creative alliance that led to the emergence of new ways to film and new attitude to the filming process. So, for the scene of death of the lead character Boris the first circular rails for the cameraman were designed and used.
The actors invited for the lead roles did not just play, they became their characters with dedication and devotion.

But all the efforts and achievements of the crew could remain in the shade, if not for one accident. One member of the crew as an assistant operator for awhile was an unknown French amateur filmmaker Claude Lelouch. It was he who recommended inviting the movie “The Cranes Are Flying” to participate in the Cannes Film Festival. As a result of his efforts, the film was selected for the main competition and won many awards.

In the newspapers of the Soviet Union about a triumphant film was only a modest small article, but still the value, sincerity and creative force of the movie cannot be underrated.


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