Medical Cupping

Until recently, medical cupping in Russia was a very common and powerful method of treating complications from flu and colds.

Of course, the effectiveness of this method is not proven. Many people consider medical cupping to be Mambo Jumbo. But until very recently, medical cupping have been actively used and considerably eased the patient’s condition.

How it Works

Medical cups due to the heat and created vacuum inside of them as if “pull” the cold out. In reality, of course, cupping most likely has a local effect –it increases blood flow to the area of ​​application and to surrounding tissues, which is believed to positively affect different lung and cold conditions.

How Cupping is Performed

Cupping is not performed if a patient has a fever or skin problems.

The patient lies on his stomach. The back is covered with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Then you take tweezers and roll their top with cotton-wool, and dip it in alcohol. The wick is ignited. Then you take one cup, place a wick inside for just a second or even less. The wick is removed and the cup is attached to the skin on the patient’s back.

Warm air shrinks when it cools and pulls the skin inside the cup.

Cups should be held strictly vertically, thenthey will not fall off.

An experienced person can place the cups all over the back in a minute.

Immediately after you finished placing all the cups, you dip a wick in the water to stop the flames.

Cups stay on the back for just a couple of minutes. You remove them by simply sticking your finger under the edge of a cup: air gets in and the cup falls off with a clicking sound.

Then the back gets wiped with a towel – it is both a form of massage and it removes the petroleum jelly.

It is important not to keep cups on the back for too long, or you will end up with bruises.

It is important immediately after setting the cups to cover them with a towel or a blanket to preserve heat, and after they are removed, you can cover the patient as well.

If the cold has not yet passed, then the traces from the cups will be more noticeable.

If the cold receded, then the traces from the cups will not be as prominent.

Cupping is a much more tolerable procedure than, for example, mustard plasters or injections.


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