Soviet supersonic jet fighter aircrafts.

The purpose of creating this aircraft was to increase the range of fighter aircrafts.

Experienced test pilots couldn’t immediately tame the airplane. Supersonic flight required a different approach to operating the aircraft. But later their invaluable experience helped accelerating the creation of the new machine.

Design of the world’s first supersonic aircraft

MiG-19 Farmer became the first aircraft in the worldable to reach supersonic speed in level flight. The aircraft could reacha maximum speed of 1,450 km / h.

In 1954 the aircraft was put into mass production. In the USSRabout 1,890 aircrafts (excluding licensed) were made, which is considerably less than the number of MiG-15 or MiG-17. The explanation is simple: work on creating new aircrafts did not stop, and MiG-19 was soon replaced by MiG-21.

MiG-19, as well as aircrafts manufactured by China under the names F-6 or J-6, became very popular in the world.

F-6 (the Chinese version of MiG-19).

F-6 (the Chinese version of MiG-19). Rob Schleiffert (CC, flickr)

Wing sweepback of the aircraft was 55 degrees.

With the increased operating ceiling to 18,000 meters, cabin pressurization was done and altitude compensating suite was created.

Drogue parachute to reduce the landing path of the aircraft became a standard piece of equipment.

The aircraft was originally armed with guns, later with missile weapons, including guided missiles “air-to-air.”

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The use of the aircraft

The aircraft was actively used as part of the Soviet air defense system against numerous airspace trespassers. It shot down a large number of guided reconnaissance aerostats and aircrafts, although a US spy plane U-2, flying at altitudes of up to 20,000 meters, for a long time has been a hard nut to crack for MiG-19. The Soviet fighter jet could reach U-2 during acceleration, but American pilots could easily avoidinterception with a simple diversionary maneuver.

A large number of fighter jets were delivered by the USSR to the Warsaw Pact countries.

The plane was actively used in local conflicts: South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa. The aircraft is still in service in some countries.

MiG-19 Farmer became the first supersonic aircraft in the world, but was soon forced to give way in the sky to more technically advanced machines.

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