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Most popular Russian boys names


For the last two years the most popular name in Moscowgiven to the boyswas the name Artem, which in Greek means “unscathed.”

Artem is a trendy name today; it literally broke into the top ten most popular names, and today – it is on the top of the list.


The name Aleksandr for many years remains one of the most popular male names in Moscow.

Only in recent years the name Aleksandr has given way to the name Artem.

Aleksandr in Greek means “defender”.


Maksim in Latin means “the greatest.”

The name Maksim has become popular in Moscow only recently. But the name is gaining new popularity. In recent years the name Maksim is one top three male names that are given to boys in Moscow.


The name Ivan in Old Hebrew means “God is merciful.”

The name Ivan has always been very popular in Russia. Then its popularity diminished. But today the name Ivan holds a strong position in the top four male names.


The name Mikhail in Old Hebrew means “who is like God.”

Mikhail is a popular name in Moscow, and with every passing year it is becoming even more popular. Today the name Mikhail is in the top five of most popular names given to newborn boys in Moscow.

Also in the top ten of popular male names in Moscow are: Daniil, Dmitry, Kirill, Andrey, and Egor.

The second ten by popularity: Nikita, Alexey, Matvey, Ilya, Timofey, Roman, Fedor, Yaroslav, Vladimir, Sergey.

A third dozen of popular male names for newborns in Moscow: Arseny, Mark, Nikolay, Vladislav, Gleb, Konstantin, Georgiy, Pavel, Stepan, Denis.

Most popular Russian girls names


The name Sophia in Greek means “wisdom.”

The name Sophia was very popular in Russia in the pre-revolutionary period (more than 100 years ago). Today it is the most popular name that is given in Moscow to newborn girls. Just recentlyit was not even in the top ten of most popular girl’s names.


The name Maria is the most common name in the world. This name has been traditionally popular in Moscow and has long been a close second.


The name Anastasia in ancient Greek means “resurrected.”

Anastasia is a very common name in Russia.

The name Anastasia has been consistently among the top three most popular names in Moscowgiven to girls.


The name Anna in Old Hebrewmeans “grace.”

The name Anna is very popular in Russia. In Moscow, the name Anna is consistently ranked in the top five of most common names given to newborn girls.


The name Daria is of ancient Persian origin and it means “kind, supportive.”

The name Daria for many years (centuries) has been popular in Russia. In Moscow, the name Daria is among the five most popular female names given to newborn girls.

Also in the top ten popular female names in Moscow are: Viktoria, Elizaveta, Varvara, Polina and Alisa.

The second tier by popularity: Ksenia, Ekaterina, Aleksandra, Veronika, Arina, Vasilisa, Valeria, Milana, Ulyana, Yeva.

The third tier of popular female names for baby girls in Moscow: Margarita, Kristina, Alena, Vera, Taisiya, Alina, Kira, Diana, Yulia, Olga.

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The article used statistical information from the office of civil registration of the city of Moscow. 

The time period that discovered in this research: 1991 – 2013.

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