Alexander Borodin - opera `Prince Igor`

Without the works of Russian classical composers it is impossible to imagine the music world of today, despite the fact that the school of composers appeared in Russia only in the 19th century.

Composer Polyglot

The founder of classical music in Russia, Mikhail Glinka was fluent in six languages, which allowed him to travel freely and perform in many countries. His most famous opera was “Life for the Tsar.” His “Patriotic Song” (1833) for ten years (1990 – 2000) has been the anthem of Russia.

Patriotic Song

Composer Chemist

Alexander Borodin never took music lessons; he taught himself how to play cello, flute and piano. At the age of nine he created his first piece of music. What finally brought Borodin fame was his opera “Prince Igor”, which he never completed. Borodin was fond of chemistry and medicine, and was involved in the creation of the Russian Chemical Society.

Alexander Borodin – opera “Prince Igor”

Doctor without a Thesis

A correspondence degree of the Doctor of Music from the Cambridge University was awarded to Peter Tchaikovsky. He is still considered the most prominent figure of the 19th century music. He created in various genres, having written operas, symphonies and suites, 3 ballets and more than a hundred lyrical songs.

Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Creator of Color Music

Composer Alexander Scriabin was an innovator in musical creativity. He was the first in the world who in 1910 included a part for the lightin a musical score. His poem for orchestra “Prometheus” to this day is performed as accompanied by light and laser shows.

Alexander Scriabin – Poem for orchestra “Prometheus”

Musical Prodigy

At the age of 5 Sergei Prokofiev wrote his first musical work, at the age of 9 he composed two operas, and at 13 was admitted to the conservatory. Soviet authorities did not favor Prokofiev, but he kept writing ballets, operas, concerts and soundtracks. Prokofiev’s other passion was chess. He even invented his own “Devyaternyi chess.”

Sergei Prokofiev – Opera “War and Peace” – Waltz

There were many more famous composersin the history of Russian music: Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov, Dargomyzhsky, Gliere, Khachaturian and others. Their traditions are preserved today by young talents, who continue building the legacy of the Russian music.


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