Moscow city is not only the capital of Russia but also the most important financial, industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center.

Magnet for All Russians

In Russia you can see the following. Many of the innovations are entered first in Moscow, after this in Russian cities with the population over 1 million people. And only then the novations are spreading throughout Russia.

It is easy to explain – according to various materials -the Moscow population is 10 – 14 per cent of the total population of Russia, and the Moscow region is the leader in the economy of Russia.

In addition, most of industrial, financial companies, banks and state agencies have their head offices in Moscow.

It is not a secret that in Moscow the standard of living is much higher than in Russia. Scale of wages in the capital are usually higher than in the regions of the country.

But the birth rate among Muscovites is one of the lowest in the country. Moscow constantly needs new people to work.

The most active and ambitious Russians visit the capital to rise in the world, and also to improve their standard of living.

Moscow - Magnet for All Russians

Moscow – A Magnet for All Russians

“New” Muscovites

Native Muscovites are usually deliberate, intelligent, but “New” Muscovites are courageous, resolute, persistent, hard working, viable, they are not afraid of tough life situations.

Russian provincials dislike Muscovites – they are jealous of their high wages, increased pensions, vast opportunities etc.

The question to “New” Muscovites: “How сan I get somewhere …?”

In Moscow you can ask someone how to get somewhere. Most likely, you will not get an answer to your question. Why so? – Because there is a strong probability that you address a tourist or “New” Muscovites, who – as a rule – know the city not very much.

E.g. “New” Muscovites are focused on their careers, income, etc.

They pay no attention to the city in concept.

City Singles

Newcomers and “New” Muscovites on Moscow streets are focused on their goals and their problems.

In addition, Moscow is a rush city. There is a very interesting fact: the Moscow dialect has changed – many vowels in Russian are splitting nowdays.

Moscow is a Rush City

Moscow is a Rush City

Muscovites are almost always mingling in society. They are always in communication: in the underground, transport, shopping center, at work, even in skyscrapers where they live. Trying not to lose themselves, the Muscovites are distanced from the other people in the city, they are focused on themselves and their family, relatives, friends. Muscovites are polite, but formal. Usually Muscovites are private people – they don’t smile much. But don’t be afraid – It is just to have some personal space.

Usually you can meet irritation from people who are in the city not long ago.

Moscow Freedom

Now Muscovites have access to different sources of information: from urban Moscow magazines to various radio city stations.
That is why Muscovites have their own opinions about this or that, they have some freedom of action so to say. The Muscovites love their city indeed: they are proud of its history, status, architecture and even the special “moscow dialect”. Young Muscovites – now only their grandmothers and great-grandmothers – like demonstrating that.

The Famous Moscow Traffic Jams

In Moscow there are lots of people, but also lots of cars. As a rule it is ok to have one beautiful car, or even two ones for a person in the city. As a result – there are huge traffic jams in the capital.

The best time for walking is Saturday or Sunday mornings just in the centre: Moscow is peaceful and quiet, the air is still not polluted.

Mass Events in Moscow

Native Muscovites do not often take part in mass traditional festivities and holidays. But the Moscow youth, tourists and comers as a rule enjoy them. Native Muscovites prefer chamber activities. There is a strong probability to meet native Muscovites in theatres, concert halls, and on the opening days etc.

Love to Moscow

If you are lucky to meet a native Muscovite, he will be able to show you a real capital as he knows the city center and its history very well. Each native Muscovite has his “own Moscow” with his favorite streets, and famous persons who have ever lived in the capital (poets, writers, artists, film directors…). Native Muscovites are really able to tell you lots of interesting things and facts about this huge, rush but magic city indeed.


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