Chelyabinsk meteorite

Victor Grokhovsky , who researched Chelyabinsk meteorite, was included in the list of “top 10 scientists of 2013” (according to Nature magazine). Yet this doesn’t mean that all the meteorite’smysteries have been sold.

Immediately after the fall of the meteorite, the media spread many scenarios and guesses: weapons test, UFO crash, a comet…

By now many things have cleared up. Experts say that it was indeed a meteorite, which flew over Chelyabinsk.The weight of the meteorite that entered the Earthin a very shallow trajectory was about 11,000 tons, the diameter – about 19 meters. At 50 km above the ground, the meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded.

Interestingly, almost a century ago in the nearby federal district, by the river Stony Tunguska another meteorite fell.One hypothesis says that it was an icy comet which exploded from colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere. The power of that explosion was 30-50 megatons: 50 times greater than that of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, and 2000 times greater than the power of the atomic explosion in Hiroshima.

Serious Destructions in Chelyabinsk

Explosion in the atmosphere created a shock wave which knocked out the windows of lots of buildings. Overall, the damage control of the accidentrequired nearly 11,000 square meters of glass. Material damage was estimated by the authoritiesat about 1 billion rubles. More than 1,500 peoplewere injured by meteorite fragments and pieces of broken glass.

Chelyabinsk Meteorite: UFO or Missile?

Most likely neither. Victor Grochovsky believes that the meteorite was just a huge space rock of about 4.5 billion years old. The expedition led by Victor found not only small fragments of the meteorite, but also a large fragment weighing 500 kilograms. Tests have confirmed their non-earthy and natural origin. That is the main difference between the events in Chelyabinsk and Tunguska, where no fragments have been found.

Mysterious “Third Force”

Some eyewitnesses claim that the meteorite was destructed in the air by some “Third Force” that saved Chelyabinsk. Skeptical? Watch this video!
Was what happened to the meteorite the work of the Russian air defense system?

We might never find out.


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