Russian Negotiations

Foreign businessmen and representatives of companies might find it difficult to understand the logic and the motives of their Russian partners. And there is an explanation to that.

Russian negotiating style is the subject of scrutiny for foreign businessmen, because recently the number of contacts with Russian businessmen is increasingly growing.

Russian Negotiating Style

Foreign negotiators believe that Russians focus on general goals, but don’t pay enough attention to the means of achieving them, while these means are what matters most. For this reason, negotiations can become lengthy.

Russian businessmen often err on the side of caution and lower risk, especially if they have a choice. That is why, up until recently Russian businessmen rarely expressed initiative, and they only reacted to offers from foreign companies.

The unique aspect of the Russian business style is that from the outset of negotiations, the Russian side makes attempts to takestrong positions, and for that reason expresses excessive demands. As a result of negotiations the parties’ positions begin to converge.

Russian businessmen are not very inclined to compromise, but for the sake of establishing long-term relationships they will be willing to make serious concessions.

Personal Connections as an Integral Part of Negotiations in Russia

Historically, Russians are not inclined to trust strangers when it comes to business affairs and life in general. So, for doing business in Russia having a superficial business relationshipis often not enough.

The key to effective business negotiations may be having solid lasting relationships. Therefore, foreigners have to make a lot of contacts with Russian partners. Otherwise,Russians’ caution may take precedence over their willingness to cooperate.

Considering these unique aspects of business communication with Russians, it is possible to achieve the best of success with Russian partners in a short time.


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