Russian Studen

Today studen (galantine, jellied meat) is considered in Russia exclusively a festive dish and is rarely made. In the olden days, this appetizer was so common that it wasn’t even described in cookbooks.

Elena Molokhovetz, a master cook of the 19th century cuisine, in her book speaks of studen as the food for servants. However, in just over half a century this dish changed a little and was transformed into a king of a festive Russian table.

Studen – a Jellied Meat?

Well, yes and no. Studen is a meat broth cooled off to a gelatinous consistency. But it is prepared without the addition of special substances. The consistency is achieved by well-chosen pieces of beef and a cooling technique. For studen the best suited are parts of the head, legs, tails and other cuts of meat. Previously it was believed that it was necessary to put part of the head and all four legs into studen.

Studen is not Aspic

Today, the word “aspic” is often used as a synonym to studen. But these were used to be two completely different dishes, similar in cooking technology. The fact is that student was always cooked with beef. Aspic, on the other hand, was a jellied pork broth. Today studen is made of different meats, including chicken.

Cooking Method

It is important that all parts of the meat for studen were thoroughly washed and cleaned. This is the key to a clear broth. Then the meat is put in a pot of cold water and cooked for about eight hours. Spices and salt are added at the end of cooking. When the meat is cooked, it is split into smaller pieces, placed into serving bowls, decorated with slices of carrot, lemon, parsley leaves, and covered with broth. Then studen is left to harden in a cool place. Studen is served with shredded horseradish, mustard or a mixture of garlic and sour cream.

What Other Kinds of Studen are out There?

In the olden days in Russia studen was prepared not only with meat, but also with fish and even mushrooms. For fish studen small fish was used, which was cooked with spices, onions and carrots.

Today studen is a favorite national dish of Russians that is really tasty and is also a beautiful decoration on a table.


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