Totskoe training range

In 1954a nuclear apocalypse began on the territory of, the USSR, which was dubbed by the military a “penetrating with an infantry corps of a trained tactical defense of the enemy using nuclear weapons.” We’ll tell you how it all happened.

Apocalypse in Action

In the morning the weather forecast was confirmed once again. No interference for aviation was found. The aircraft TU-4, accompanied by escort of MiGs headed to the specified location.

The signal”Chemical alarm”was given in advance so that all the troops could put on personal protective equipment. 10 minutes before the explosion around the whole location of the troops “Nuclear alarm” was announced.

It was expected that the explosion will be performed in the air. If the bomb exploded on the ground, the exercise would be immediately canceled and the military personnel would have been evacuated due to a serious exposure of the ground to radiation.

Totskoe training range

The atomic bomb dropped at an altitude of 8000 meters, exploded 350 meters above the ground level with a deviation of only 250 meters from a specified point. Permissible tolerance was 500 meters at most – not too far, starting from a distance of 5 kilometers from the epicenter, there were military troops in a specially created engineering structures. A blinding flash, a deafening roar, a shock wave that sweeps away everything in its path, then formed a mushroom cloud – the apocalypse began.

Immediately the command was given to launch a massive artillery preparation and bombing with planes of the positions of the imaginary opponent, who had to be demoralized by the atomic explosion.

Totskoe training range

Aircrafts carrying out bombing, were forced to fly through the leg of an atomic mushroom to get to a set target. Although they say, that by that time the radioactive cloud had risen 15 kilometers up, and the leg of a nuclear mushroom was just a dust cloud.

A few hours after a nuclear explosion the monitoring team gave their permission, the command was given to start a ground operation. Ground forces were moving at a snail’s pace. Over the affected area their speed was … 5 kilometers per hour, through the epicenter –about 10-15 kilometers per hour.

Soldiers could see horrible images at the explosion site: destructed (at the epicenter of the explosion) and crumpled military equipment, burnt out forest, dead animals.

Despite the dense pillar of smoke over the whole training range from the nuclear explosion and the work of artillery and aircrafts of imaginary opponents, coherence of the military activities bore some fruit – during the military exercise under simulated battlefield conditionsno one was killed.

Immediately after the exercise there was a full decontamination of all military equipment and personnel. After monitoring the level of radioactivity and decontamination procedures, the military personnel was sent to their locations of permanent deployment.

Video shot on the results of Totskoe military exercises. Note that according to sources, radiation supervisors went to the area of the explosion on the tanks, the armor of which reduces the radiation by many times, and the flags were set automatically. And in the movie the flags are set manually, and radiation technicians are seen leaving the armored carriers. The film emphasizes that the military actions in the conditions of air nuclear explosion of the bomb type “Tatiana” (20-40 kilotons) are carried out without any consequences for the health of servicemen from the radioactive contamination that is constantly monitored by radiation supervisors assigned to each unit.


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