Sergei Lemeshev

Creative works of opera composers simply cannot be overprized. However, a quality of the performance in opera is no less important. Only gifted vocalists can convey with dignity the main idea of a piece of music and make the music enter the hearts and souls of the audience.

Antonina Nezhdanova

An amazing soprano of  Nezhdanova in the USSR was considered a standard and the singer herself – a personification of the Russian vocal school. Nezhdanova had worked for 30 years at the Mariinsky Theatre. She had mastered the coloratura technique, and her style of performance is considered worldwide as classic.

Sergei Lemeshev

Lemeshev contemporaries described him not only as a singer with a beautiful and seductive voice, but also as an artistic and imaginative personality. His favorite party was the party of Lensky from “Eugene Onegin” by Tchaikovsky.

Feodor Chaliapin

Lack of professional music education did not prevent Chaliapin from achieving the highest level of mastery. His bass voice and flexible timbre allowed him to convey the most subtle semantic intonations. One time Chaliapin went on tour abroad and never returned. He settled in Paris, but still maintained close ties with the Russian school of vocalists.

Boris Shtokolov

Once, during a concert of amateur performers at the Sverdlovsk air force school, Air Marshal Zhukov saw cadet Shtokolov. “You must sing!” – Said Boris Zhukov. The talented singer was sent to the Ural Conservatory. Almost immediately after he started training Shtokolov began performing in opera. A beautiful smooth plump bass voice captivated listeners. The singer traveled the whole world performing.

Galina Vishnevskaya

Growing up during the war without parents, Galina was a determined woman. Thanks to her hard work Vishnevskaya became part of the Bolshoi Theatercompany. She was the first Soviet singer who went on tour to the United States. For her active political position Vishnevskaya was deprived of Soviet citizenship, which was only recovered in 1990 and allowed her to return to Russia. In Moscow Vishnevskaya established the Center of opera singing.


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