Take your feet off the ground

Outdoor games are very much loved by all the kids.

Take Your Feet off the Ground!

The game is played on the playground. First, players select the lead. And the kids start playing. Only it is not a regular game of tags: if a player cannot run away from the lead, he can be saved by grabbing to a bar and lifting his feet off the ground. It is allowed to sit on the bench and so on.

The lead runs after another player. The player immediately puts his feet down and begins to run.

If all the players have their feet raised, what happens if everyone raises their feet in one place, then the lead can tag any player of his choice.

Geese and Swans

It’s a classic Russian game. It is better played when there are lots of kids, and it is a popular game in kindergartens. The lead is an adult, who is called the “boss.” Also among the children players choose one player who is called the “wolf.”

On the floor or on the ground a “geese house” is drawn with chalk.

On the other end of the playground the “field” is outlined where the geese walk around.

Between the field and the geese house there is a “lair” in which the wolf lives.

The objective of the geese is to run by the wolf’s lair and get to the geese house. The wolf tries to catch as many geese as he can and bring them into his lair. You cannot break out.

At the beginning of the game the lead says: “Geese fly to the field!” – And all the geese go to the field. Children wave their arms portraying geese.

Then the lead turns to the geese and they respond to him:

– Geese, geese!

– Ga-ga-ga!

– Are you hungry?  

– Yes, yes, yes!

Well then, fly home!

After these words of the lead, all geese try to run by the wolf’s den and get to the geese house. Wolf tries to catch geese. If a goose is caught, he is out of the game. The game is repeated until all the geese are caught. The last goose standing is the winner.

As an option – the game continues as long as there are three lucky geese. Then the game is repeated, and those who were caught first are the candidates to be a wolf.


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