Office Space Organization in Russia

Office life in Russia may truly surprise many Western professionals, but Russian office employees are still able to achieve success in these unusual circumstances.

Office Space Organization in Russia

In Russia, the most commonly used office principle of office space organization is office rooms -corridor.

According to the principle of office room all government offices and many offices of private firms and companies are organized.

This method of organizing space implies a succession of office rooms designed for multiple employees: from 2-3 to 20-30. For management stuff separate offices are assigned.

This achieves a relatively high isolation of employees, which allows you to focus on your work. But at the same time it weakens control from management and hinders the development of team spirit.

Russian Office and its Inhabitants

There are not many noticeable features in office design In Russia.With regard to workflow and communication in the team the differences are more noticeable.

Tardiness, conversations on personal subjects, smoke breaks and snack breaks–these are pretty common in Russia and are accepted by Russian management, if employees perform their duties in line with expectations.

Many issues can be resolved on the go or even during a coffee break. Nobody can forbid conversations on personal topics in a Russian office.

Russian management is focused more on results, which, however, may be achieved not by the whole team in general, but only by some of its active and efficient employees that pull the weight for a whole team.

By the way, the dress code in Russian offices is barely followed. The rules of the dress code of one of the larger companies was spread out on the Internet, causing irony and laughter – every office employee wants to retain the freedom in choosing his attire.

We can say that the environment in Russian offices is extremely loyal and tolerant, especially if in these conditions employees bring the required results.


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