Besides using its own savings, the team started a crowdfunding project on a popular website. In the end they got even more money than they were asking for!


The project team is presenting “Mayak” satellite


The pyramid of “Mayak” satellite in space 

What is next? 

The satellite is planned to be launched in the middle of 2016. By the time the project team will have developed a mobile app that will display the satellite location. What is even more, you will be able to observe “Mayak” satellite in a cloudless sky with your own eyes!


“Mayak” satellite can be seen with the naked eye 

А.А. We were pleased that representatives of the Russian Federal Space Agency supported our initiative and promised to launch the satellite on Soyuz carrier rocket from Baikonur space launch facility at no charge. The agency is setting into orbit a large space vehicle for monitoring forest fires. To use the whole potential of the carrier rocket, the agency will launch the state space vehicle along with smaller satellites, including the one we built. We are so lucky because commercial launch would cost us a fortune. Now “Mayak” satellite is almost done and will go through final tests in March. 

Let’s hope that the team will successfully launch this crowdfunding satellite! Good luck! 

All the photos used in the article belong to Anton Aleksandrov.

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